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We specialize in fixing and renovating electronic equipment. The scope of our activities includes developing and implementing the refurbishment services, guarantee and post-guarantee repairs on behalf of the manufacturer, modernization and extending lifespan of equipment, product updates, calibration and upgrade of electronic equipment.


We offer technical service for companies, consisting in special service care and IT networks administration on the local market. We conduct audits of IT infrastructure and optimize the existing processes. We offer functional solutions aiming to increase network security, capacity and reliability.

Who we are

We are a group of cooperating and mutually supporting entities from various IT areas, B2B / B2C and e-commerce. Together, we provide unique solutions characterized by an exceptional scalability. We optimize processes and provide comprehensive refurbishment, maintenance and recycling of electronic devices.

Our offer is addressed to companies interested in complex service. We work for both small and medium companies, as well as large international corporations. Wide range of specializations of the entities which create our group guarantees the highest standard of our services.

Autonomy of organizations and project teams allows to significantly accelerate the decision-making process. Specializations of the entities of our group increase the effectiveness of the maintenance process which consequently leads to significant cost reduction and providing effective service for our partners.

Our assets:

Complex services

We offer integrated solutions for electronics from after-sales market. We provide complex refurbishment of electronic equipment with modernization and removal of electronic defects. We conduct guarantee repairs on behalf of the manufacturer and provide recycling and material recovery from used electronic equipment.

Attractive prices

We understand the need to optimize costs due to ever-increasing competition. That is why we provide our partners with the highest global standard of services, while maintaining relatively low prices. We believe that good quality does not have to cost a lot. Thanks to our comprehensive offer, we are able to guarantee low service costs.

Territorial coverage

Our services are addressed to partners from all over Europe. The main repair center is located in central Poland which allows us to service equipment within the whole EU thanks to developed logistic network. We are a part of the European AMS service group located in key countries of Europe, therefore we can also provide “in country” service.

refurbishment – complex renovation, recovering electronic equipment to factory settings

guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance on behalf of electronic manufacturers

product diagnostics and testing, as well as visual and functional screening

modernization, upgrading and extending lifespan of equipment

polishing matrices, varnishing, renovation of varnish coating

replacing BGA systems and reballing, replacing electronic components

recycling and material recovery from used electronic equipment

repacking and upgrade, as well as confectioning of electronics

An overview plan of the service process

Receipt of goods

Firstly, the good are received in the warehouse where they are accepted, entered into the system and transferred to an appropriate department.


Then, the equipment efficiency is assessed, both visually and technically, and recommendations for repair are prepared.


The next step is removing all defects, replacing any necessary components and elimination of system errors.

Removing defects

Having done the service works, we remove all visual defects by painting, replacing components and polishing displays.

Quality check

After removing all defects we proceed with the thorough check of all components and confirm the correctness of repair.


The last step of our service is careful preparation of the equipment for shipment, using reliable and safe packaging.

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finished processes




happy clients

Why are we worth choosing?

24/7 availability
We accept applications around the clock. After the preliminary problem analysis, we choose the fastest way to solve it.

We provide constant substantive and technical support within the provided service care.

Transparent cooperation path and well-developed procedures build customers' trust. We pay attention to an efficient communication.

Advanced technological processes allow us to conduct the most complicated repairs while maintaining the highest quality.

What makes us different?


Qualified team of specialists ensures the highest quality of services.


We constantly improve our technical facilities to offer the highest standard of services.


We pay attention to the timely implementation of the arrangements to avoid any service process disruptions.

Our Clients



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