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Refurbishment – complex renovation of electronic equipment:

Classification, cleaning, painting, renovation or changing the varnish coating

Polishing matrices, polarizers, glass, lenses and metallic surfaces

Restoring logos, markings, serial numbers, stickers, etc.

Complex software service, certified data cleaning, software installation and pre-installation, writing and coding dedicated software in various languages

Specialized repair processes of laptop PCs, desktop PCs, printers, displays, monitors, terminals telephones, tablets, network peripherials, and other electronic devices

Visual screening with photo documentation, functional screening, complete diagnostics using specialized tools and testers

Hardware upgrade, modernization, reconfiguration, extending lifespan of devices

Component repairs of motherboards and electronic systems on L1 – L4 levels, replacing BGA systems, reballing, FA tests using X-rays, thermal imaging cameras and micro cameras

Component repairs of LCD/LED/OLED panels up to 85”, de-bonding, bonding, replacing polarizers, tabs (COF and COG), backlighting, backlight repairs (CCFL, LED), PCB repairs

Diagnostics and FA

We conduct drop tests of packaging (PDT-80M, Quatro DP240, 3-axis accelerometer)

W conduct complex analysis of defects, failure rate and endurance of devices, electronic systems, solder joints, BGA systems

We provide services consisting in X-ray analysis, micro/macro photography, side and edge images, using thermo imaging cameras

We have our own chemical laboratory

We provide environmental chamber

Upgrade and modernization of equipment

Changing configuration of PCs and laptop PCs

Rework, execution of ECNs, purging of devices, electronic systems

Confectioning, kitting, product preparation

Confectioning of sets, repacking, picking accessories

Design and production of packaging in various technologies

Complex product preparation for distribution

Recycling and electronic components recovery

Recycling and material and components recovery from used electronic equipment

Taking off electronic components for re-use

BGA components recovery by “cold” method, BGA systems reballing

Recovering components from LCD matrices